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Transitional Kindergarten

 Program .

Where little learners soar and explore 

At VCLC, we believe that TK is a critical period of development that should be approached with care and intention. We recognize that each child is unique and has their own strengths, interests, and learning style. Therefore, we provide a play-based curriculum that is designed to be developmentally appropriate and tailored to the needs of each child. 

We believe in the importance of fostering social and emotional development alongside academic growth, and we prioritize creating a safe and welcoming classroom community where children feel supported and respected. Our teachers are dedicated to creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and critical thinking.

In our tk program, we aim to provide a seamless transition from preschool to kindergarten by building a strong foundation in language, literacy, math, and social skills. 

We believe that by fostering a love of learning and a growth mindset, we can empower our students to reach their full potential and become lifelong learners.

Hours: 6:30 am through 6:30 pm
Age: 4 through 6 years
Staff ratio: 1 teacher to every 12 students

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